Wednesday, 6 April 2016

TELL THEM - Dag Heward-Mills

Tell Them - Dag Heward-Mills
Tell Them - Dag Heward-Mills

Tell Them - Dag Heard-Mills

Soul winning is the all-important job of bringing unsaved people to the Lord Jesus Christ. Soul winning can be accomplished through personal evangelism, crusades, Christian literature, missionary work, breakfast meetings, Gospel festivals, Christian music, among others.

The oldest method of winning the lost has been through the sacrificing of the lives of missionaries who gave themselves for the salvation of entire nations, tribes and peoples.

Another common method of winning souls is through mass crusades and evangelism through person to person witnessing. This book is about winning souls in any way possible. It is about personal evangelism, it is about massive crusades, it is about books, it is about missionaries. By all means we must save some!

You may ask, “Why so many reasons?”
Dear friend, I have only given you one hundred and twenty reasons why you must win souls and I can assure you there are many more reasons that I have not been able to share. Read them and believe them and catch the spirit of Christ, which is the spirit of the soul winner.

Christians are backsliding everyday because they have no purpose for being in the church. People attend church, but after a while they drop out, finding no meaning to church life. Anyone who engages in soul winning will begin to discover the reason for his salvation. Soul winning increases the self-esteem of the Christian.

It is important to avoid the mistake of carefully counting and polishing over and over our treasured coins instead of going to look for the lost coin - which is the unbeliever.

Why is it that only a few people get involved in soul winning? When people start new churches, we do not see much soul winning. It is easier to start a church by "stealing" sheep than by winning souls, because it is easier to destroy than to build!

To get more about soul winning, get a copy now.


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Monday, 4 April 2016

Wisdom for Leaders - Dag Heward-Mills

Wisdom for Leaders - Dag Heward-Mills

Wisdom for Leaders - Dag Heward-Mills

A leader is someone who is ahead of his followers. That is what makes him a leader. You’ve got to be seen to be at least one step ahead of the people you are leading. Jesus was a good leader.
He was definitely one step ahead when it came to prayer. He prayed more than His disciples did. He preached more than His disciples did. He sacrificed more than His disciples did. A Christian leader has invisible areas in which he must stay ahead. It is his leadership in these invisible areas that make him a true leader.

Ten Areas for Every Christian Leader to Stay Ahead In
1 . Stay ahead in prayer.
2. Stay ahead in Bible reading.
3. Stay ahead in reading Christian books.
4. Stay ahead in listening to tapes.
5. Stay ahead in sacrificing to God.
6. Stay ahead in the area of giving.
7. Stay ahead in waiting on God.
8. Stay ahead in holiness.
9. Stay ahead in the love of God.
10. Stay ahead in your relationship with God.
Are you a leader? If you are, then you must be at least one step ahead! You must not only be a step ahead in public, but you must be a step ahead in private. If you are prayerful in secret, your followers will recognize it and do likewise.

It is important to realize that things are not perfect. Most decisions that a leader will have to make are not decisions between the obviously good and obviously bad. Most things are not a clear-cut choice between black and white or light and darkness. A good leader must recognize the need to decide when he is faced with such choices. A good leader knows how to choose the lesser of two bad options.
Often, life presents us with two bad choices. Many leaders are paralysed into inaction because of the imperfect choices presented to them. They refuse to take that important step because they cannot see two very contrasting alternatives.

For a great leading, get the directions from the great leader Himself, Jesus Christ.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Beauty - Dag Heward-Mills

beauty Dag Heward-Mills

Beauty - Dag Heward-Mills

God is very concerned about whom you marry. I’m not only referring to your marital happiness, but also to how your partner will influence you in the future. 

You see, life is very long and marriage is a very long road. There are many years ahead of the bride and groom after they say, “I do.”Many things are going to happen and much “water is going to pass under the bridge”. Will your marriage make you or break you?. 

When God was instructing the Israelites, He was very concerned about whom they would marry, because He did not want anyone to turn their hearts away from Him.

God has not made you a disappointment or a disaster. He does not make such things. 

If you are short, being short is beautiful. If you are black, being black is beautiful, and if you are white, being white is equally beautiful. 

Beauty has a point at which it blossoms like a beautiful flower. Most plants have a flowering stage. And the plant which flowers is the one that is attractive to both insects and humans.

The same can be said about a woman. There is that age in a woman’s life we call the flower of her age, or the flower of her beauty. That is when you are most noticeable. That is when you are most beautiful, and when men propose to you. 

Outward beauty depends on the inward beauty. If you are beautiful inside it shows on the outside.

When you have to make a choice, it may look as though the person’s beauty is more important, but when you enter into marriage, you will come to see that beauty is always secondary to godliness. 

The spiritual person who knows and fears God will become more and more attractive to you as the years go by. 

Beauty has very little to offer, apart from what you see. But the spiritual person has her faithfulness, her character, and godliness to offer to you.  


As a man, beauty may be a factor for your relationship and marriage, but first consider the inner beauty before you step in. Marry not someone recommended to you, but someone you want to marry.

Praying To Get Results - Kenneth E. Hagin

praying to get results

Praying To Get Results - Kenneth E. Hagin

There are different kinds of prayer, just as there are different games in sports, each with its own set of rules. Rules that apply to baseball do not apply to football. If you tried to use the same rules, you would get confused.

Similarly, there are rules or spiritual laws that govern certain kinds of prayer, but do not apply to other kinds of prayer. We make a mistake by lumping together all kinds of prayer, because if we take the rules that govern one kind of prayer and try to apply them to another kind of prayer, we won't see the desired results.

Paul and Silas really were in trouble, weren't they? They were thrust into the inner prison. They had been whipped with many stripes until their backs were bleeding. Their feet were in stocks. I'm sure they were in great physical pain.

It was a dark hour for them, but although Paul and Silas were in jail, they didn't let the jail get in them. That's the reason a lot of people are defeated.

Everyone has trouble of one kind or another. We've all been lashed by the storms of life. But our attitude—how we look at a situation and how we accept it—makes the difference in how we come out, or whether we get out at all.

Many times when praying for Christians we say, "God bless Sister So-and-so" and "God bless Brother So-and-so," yet we don't find where Paul ever prayed that way. That kind of praying really doesn't do much good; it only salves our conscience and makes us feel we've prayed.

Paul was specific when he said, "I pray, that your love may abound more and more.” That's a good way to pray for Christians, isn't it? Paul is praying for believers.

We can be heard in any of our prayers. It takes the right words and way to make and pray it over.


Abrahamic Success (Success Of David) – Dag Heward-Mills

Abrahamic Success (Success of David)
Abrahamic Success (Success of David)

Abrahamic Success (Success Of David) – Dag Heward-Mills

Someone may ask, “Why should an unbeliever be successful since he doesn’t believe in God?” Dear friend, God has established certain principles. Anyone who abides by them will experience success. From today, I want you to understand that success is not an accident.

There is a road that leads to failure, and another that leads to success. One of the things to do in order to succeed is to observe successful people.
In order to succeed, you must understand the very nature of a principle. Principles are not changed by circumstances. They are not altered with time. They are not even affected by your prayer and fasting. Principles are invisible rules that must be obeyed. If you break a principle, the principle will break you!

The law of gravity is one such principle. If you jump off the roof of a seven-story building, you will die! You will die even if you are a Christian. You will die even if you are a spiritual person! You can fast for seven days without eating or drinking water.

You can pray seven hours a day for seven days. But if you break the principle and jump off a seven-story building, you will break your neck and die. You may even ask your pastor to anoint you with oil before you jump – this will not change anything.

Most Christians think; “When everything is okay and God has blessed me, I will start to pray for other people.” But what you don’t realize is that there is a divine order that must be followed. They are trying to put the cart before the horse, but the cart cannot go before the horse. Seek first the kingdom of God. After putting the kingdom of God first, you can then tackle your own kingdom.