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TELL THEM - Dag Heward-Mills

Tell Them - Dag Heward-Mills
Tell Them - Dag Heward-Mills

Tell Them - Dag Heard-Mills

Soul winning is the all-important job of bringing unsaved people to the Lord Jesus Christ. Soul winning can be accomplished through personal evangelism, crusades, Christian literature, missionary work, breakfast meetings, Gospel festivals, Christian music, among others.

The oldest method of winning the lost has been through the sacrificing of the lives of missionaries who gave themselves for the salvation of entire nations, tribes and peoples.

Another common method of winning souls is through mass crusades and evangelism through person to person witnessing. This book is about winning souls in any way possible. It is about personal evangelism, it is about massive crusades, it is about books, it is about missionaries. By all means we must save some!

You may ask, “Why so many reasons?”
Dear friend, I have only given you one hundred and twenty reasons why you must win souls and I can assure you there are many more reasons that I have not been able to share. Read them and believe them and catch the spirit of Christ, which is the spirit of the soul winner.

Christians are backsliding everyday because they have no purpose for being in the church. People attend church, but after a while they drop out, finding no meaning to church life. Anyone who engages in soul winning will begin to discover the reason for his salvation. Soul winning increases the self-esteem of the Christian.

It is important to avoid the mistake of carefully counting and polishing over and over our treasured coins instead of going to look for the lost coin - which is the unbeliever.

Why is it that only a few people get involved in soul winning? When people start new churches, we do not see much soul winning. It is easier to start a church by "stealing" sheep than by winning souls, because it is easier to destroy than to build!

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