Friday, 1 April 2016


Purity, Spiritual Growth.

Find well selected books by inspired writers to aid in our walk with God, grow spiritually, live the pure and perfect life we have been called out to from the world of darkness. Never to walk in ignorant life but be filled with the knowledge in the LORD.
Learn to pray, commune and be submitted to the LORD

Relationship and Marriage.

Ever dying to find the right directions, principles, keys and the very needed steps to enjoy your relationship and marriage? Ever got caught up in managing yourself, your partner and God at same time? There are men and women inspired by God and have laid down the secret keys and ways to combine all and be a good partner.

Leadership, follower and Church building.

Leading a group, church or want to know the various kinds and types of people you are surrounded with? Ever taking away, by certain behaviors and attitudes driving you crazy and mad? Get the knowledge and wisdom into living with all kinds of people and make it to the level of life.

For this and many other reasons and solutions for life, God has written the life manual - the Bible for us to gain insight into what we ever desire in life. Search the scriptures, and you will find your desired solution.

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